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Brass Poison

by Jim Manley

Released 2010
Released 2010
Trumpeter Jim Manley newest release "brass poisons' pop tunes with a 70's feel
BRASS POISON" follows in the footsteps of my last recording for The Victoria Company, "EIGHT" which was a tribute to some of the great 60's big bands.
With this project,I wanted to explore some of the great music that was put out in the 70's and beyond. I grew up listening to all the MF and Don Ellis Columbia stuff along with Blood,Sweat & Tears,Chicago,Tom Scott,the Brecker Brothers and so many others - I still love that era and it brings back many great memories when music seemed more creative and exciting.
Finding "pop tunes" that fit trumpet can be difficult,as trumpet and pop melodies don't always go hand in hand. I think we found tunes that really work here.
We've added a little Brass Poison to Elton John,Carole King,Sting,The Isley Brothers and a few others I think you will recognize. All of us had a blast (no pun intended) recording these tunes and I think you'll have some fun listening.
So turn up the volume,sit down between the speakers,or stick your buds in your ears and hold on to something!

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